Why Artisan Taekwondo?

Self-Confidence and Self-Respect

Repetition is the foundation of mastery and allows athletes of all ability levels to have success every time they train. But practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent – so we don’t simply stress repetition, but mindful repetition. They learn to set goals and to understand the dedication and perseverance it takes to achieve them. “I can’t . . .” becomes a completely different sentiment when a student learns to always add “ . . . yet.”

Mindfulness, Self-Control, and Self-Discipline

Athletes learn to breathe in taekwondo. They tune their breath into their movements and their stillness to gain focus and to recover. Athletes learn to visualize and engage their breath to achieve speed, strength, and precision, first through encouragement and then on their own.


There is no aspect of our daily or extraordinary lives that fitness does not affect. Children and teens who are active and fit are much more likely to be active and fit adults, but it’s NEVER too late. Physical fitness, strong cardio, muscle strength, and joint health play a significant role in:

Better sleep
Stronger immune system
Faster recovery time from injury and illness
Greater self-confidence
Better self-awareness
Improved memory
Fewer slips and falls
Greater learning comprehension
Fewer learning difficulties

In particular, fitness in girls and women has been proven to reduce the numbers of unwanted pregnancies, chances of contracting STDs, fewer cases of gang involvement, and a greater ability to cope with depression and anxiety.

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